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Early Skillz

Ages 3-4

Learning Appropriate Behavior In A Fun Setting.

Basic Skillz

Ages 5-6

Learning to Pay Attention with Age Appropriate Activities

Core Skillz

Ages 7-9

Our Structured   Program has Proven To Be Very Successful.

Extreme Skillz

Ages 10-14

Maximize PhysicalIntellectual potential in a safe environment

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Frequently Asked Questions

My child still has temper tantrums and I’m worried about how they’ll behave in school. Can studying martial arts help?

Yes, it can. We help children learn the importance of emotional control and respect for others. These are lessons that will help them in the classroom, too.

My child is out of control physically, and can be very destructive. How will studying martial arts help?

Martial arts instruction focuses on hand-eye coordination, control, and strength. As kids learn basic moves and then advance, they learn how to control their bodies and movements.

My child gives up easily when frustrated. I want them to learn persistence. Can your classes help?

Yes. It’s common for students to require more than one attempt to earn a new belt. We teach them that trying is the most important thing – and that persistence pays off.

Will studying martial arts help my child learn how to interact with others and share?

Yes. Even though studying martial arts is an individual pursuit, we teach kids to learn in a collaborative environment with an emphasis on sharing, cooperation, and teamwork.

My child zones out in class and misses important instructions. Can taking martial arts classes help them do a better job of focusing?

Respect is at the core of everything we do in the dojo. Kids who study martial arts must respect their instructors and fellow students, and we find that they learn to respect parents, teachers, caregivers, and siblings at the same time.

My child zones out in class and misses important instructions. Can taking martial arts classes help them do a better job of focusing?

Yes. Part of martial arts training is teaching kids to be mindful of themselves and their surroundings. They must focus to succeed in class, and once they learn to do it, they’ll be able to do the same thing at school.

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