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Mr. A's Martial Arts 

3 Key Questions We Will Ask You Before Your Child’s 1 on 1 Private Lesson

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

At Mr. A's Martial Arts, we know every child is unique! We prioritize your child's growth and development through personalized 1 on 1 evaluations and age-appropriate programs. Before their evaluation, we ask three key questions:

  • Why did you choose our studio?

  • What is the age and development level of your child?

  • What are your goals for your child's martial arts training?

One of the first things we want to know is why you chose our studio. Understanding your perspective helps us serve our families better. Our studio is special, and we're thrilled that someone like you has found us! Whether it was through a friend or family member's referral, Facebook, Google searching—or whatever else led you here —we’re so glad. People in our community already appreciate our school thanks to their own experiences with us, so they know just how much value comes from what we do for all kinds of learners. Now it's your turn: let YOUR child benefit too!

Our programs and activities are tailored to your child's age, ensuring they're challenged at their appropriate physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development level. We understand that each child is unique and we strive to support them, at every stage of their journey.

Each class is designed with age-appropriate goals, whether it's developing courage, self-control, focus, discipline, or fitness. We keep class sizes balanced to make sure your child benefits the most from our classes and instruction.

At Mr. A's Martial Arts, being a certified SKILLZ Child Development Center sets us apart from other martial arts studios. With personalized evaluations and age-specific programs, you can trust us to prioritize your child's growth and development. Join us on this journey towards physical development, discipline, and growth, and watch your child reach their full potential.

We are here to answer any questions you have and provide the best experience possible. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation! We look forward to meeting you :)

Thank you for considering Mr. A's Martial Arts. We are so excited to have the opportunity to help your child reach their martial arts goals!

Photo by Ana Municio on Unsplash



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