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Mr. A's Martial Arts 

Sharing starts with YOU!

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

Our Ninja Mission this month is SHARING!

Our Ninja Mission for September is Sharing, and sharing starts with developing ourselves! You can’t share something if you don’t have it. We grow and learn so we can be the best versions of ourselves that we can. Everybody has different things that they are good at, so see if you can find yours.

You can also grow more skills - that’s why we go to school! It’s the perfect place to learn new things and find new strengths. Maybe you’re really good at history, or science - by working hard on those skills, you can turn them into a valuable tool and use them whenever you need them. We can learn new things everywhere - our Havertown community is a great resource for developing new skills, and you can grow by looking, listening and learning from anyone!

Good habits can also help us develop - going to bed on time will help you be rested for the next day, and helping out around the house will develop your teamwork skills. You can also learn things from your parents, like how to cook your favorite meal or tie a knot.

The more valuable skills you have for yourself, the more you will be able to share with others.

So, we talked about developing ourselves and learning our strengths so that we actually have something to share when we get a chance to. Once we have valuable tools that we developed for ourselves, it’s only natural to move to the next step in sharing - sharing with others! You can share anything, whether it’s a skill, information, a thing you have, or story - but it’s important to remember that sharing goes both ways.

If you give someone some of your water in the desert, it’s only sharing if they have something to offer you. It could be anything, like knowledge of where to find more water, or strength to carry some supplies, but sharing has to be something that helps everyone involved, not just one person.

When you share with someone else, you kind of become a team, and the best part about teams is how much more you can do together! If I’m on a team, I have my own skills PLUS all the skills of my team members to use, which means we can accomplish way more and we could by ourselves.

Sharing with others gives us more tools to use, for ourselves and for our team!

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