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Mr. A's Martial Arts 


Updated: Dec 25, 2021

Our Ninja Mission this month is SPORTSMANSHIP!

Good sportsmanship is an awesome skill to develop, especially because we don’t just use it in sports - we use it everywhere! You might use it when you’re in school, at home, or out in public, but in order to really master good sportsmanship, you first have to practice it by yourself.

One part of good sportsmanship is keeping your word. When we set goals for ourselves, it can be really tempting to change them, or procrastinate when we don’t feel like doing the work. Keeping your word to yourself is a great habit to develop, and when we do reach our goals, it empowers us to feel like we can accomplish even more. You can start with little things - starting your homework right after school instead of putting it off for later, or doing a few extra push-ups during our class warm-up. Building these habits will inspire you to make bigger promises to yourself, and soon you’ll be able to do anything you set your mind to with motivation and discipline.

Another part of practicing good sportsmanship is failing - and being ok with it! Failure is a huge part of growing and learning, and when you accept losing a game or not keeping a promise, you can start to figure out how to succeed the next time. If you get upset about losing, or make excuses, then you’re focusing on that instead of thinking about how you can improve and get better for the next time. Don’t waste your time feeling sad, when you could be looking to the future! At Mr. A’s Martial Arts, we always say “good and getting better.” Wherever you are now is good, and you can alway get better!

When we think of our favorite athletes, part of what inspires us is their desire to improve. They might be really good at what they do, but one of the things that shows their great sportsmanship is their attitude. Most of our role models are humble - they worked hard to get where they are, they always thank the people who supported them through their journey, and usually they are still pushing themselves to be even better! When you have a goal in mind, it helps you focus and gives you something to work toward, and part of having good sportsmanship is always striving to be better.

Having good sportsmanship starts with you! If you can develop great habits and practice it on your own, then you will have the skills to have good sportsmanship with others next, but not without understanding why it’s important.

Your challenge this week: Ask your family members what they think having good sportsmanship looks like, and why they think it’s important! Your family is your main team, and it’s important to share your thoughts with each other so you can work together.

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