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The Best Birthday Party for Kids in Havertown!

Updated: Jan 11

It can be hard coming up with birthday party ideas for your child. The kids want an exciting event with all of their friends — an event that will be unique and leave their social circle talking about it for weeks!

There are a lot of working parts that go into a great kids' birthday party. Parents want their kids to have fun but also have to worry about the challenges of running an event. For example, parents have to set up before guests arrive instead of simply enjoying the day. Once the event is in full swing, parents have to keep the social activities flowing. And after everyone leaves, you are stuck with cleaning.

Hosting a dozen enthusiastic party-goers indoors comes with its own challenges. Will there be enough seating? How much pizza should be ordered (and how do you keep it off the carpet)? What kind of games fit in the living room?

While outdoor birthday parties handle many of these concerns, parents who plan backyard birthday parties are also at the mercy of the weather. A bit of rain, even days before, can leave the party venue muddy, and that mud will find its way in the house every time a child has to go to the bathroom.

Challenges like these are why many parents look for birthday party venues for their child's special day. Hosting a party at a venue often alleviates the need for set up, clean up, and even entertainment!

There are a lot of places to have birthday parties for kids near Havertown. We may be biased, but we believe that a birthday party at Mr. A's Martial Arts in Havertown is the best choice!

At Mr. A's, we provide a perfect solution for your child's event.

When hosting a party at Mr. A's, the most significant benefit for parents is that you get to sit back and enjoy the experience without all of the hassles. We take care of just about everything!

A Kids Birthday Party at Mr. A's includes:

  • Set up

  • Paper products

  • 1.5 hours of party fun

  • Karate Lesson

  • Obstacle Course

  • A 3rd activity of the birthday child's choosing

  • Food and beverages

  • Cutting the cake with our Ceremonial Sword

  • Clean Up

We Take Care of Set-Up

Setting up for a party can be stressful. Everything has to be just right, and any little hiccup in the schedule can cause major headaches.

Our professional party team keeps our school clean and ready to go, including adhering to all covid protocols to ensure a safe event. All you have to do is show up!

Plates and napkins and cups… oh my!

We provide all of the paper products you will need for your party, including plates, napkins, cups, and anything else you may need.

If you would like to provide themed paper products, you can drop them off before the party, and our team will make sure they are set up and ready to go when you arrive for the special day.

The Birthday Party

Of course, the main reason to book your child's birthday party at Mr. A's Martial Arts is the party itself!

Our parties are one and a half hours long and include three segments:

  • An age-appropriate Karate lesson.

  • Our famous obstacle course.

  • A third activity that your child chooses for a personalized touch.

Your child can choose from:

Dodge Ball

A classic and a favorite, we can do regular dodgeball or our special GLOW IN THE DARK version!

Sword/Noodle Battle

Let your child practice their ninja skills with a battle, with our noodles or light-up swords provided by the family!

Capture the Flag

Our Capture the Flag equipment is glow-in-the-dark and is always a fun challenge!

Dance Party

Our dance parties are always fun with a personalized playlist for your child, Glow in the Dark or not!


Mr. A's specializes in themed birthday parties for kids! If your child wants a party with a theme, just let us know, and our team can come up with a solution.

Delicious Pizza

It's not a party without something tasty to chow down on! Mr. A's birthday parties include pizza and bottled water for all guests.

Ceremonial Cutting of the Cake with a Sword

Every child wants to be the center of attention at their own birthday party. What better way to capture the attention and admiration of friends than by cutting your birthday cake with a SWORD! Of course, our team handles this with the utmost care to ensure the safety of all involved.

The Clean Up

Perhaps the coolest part of the party for mom and dad is that the party team at Mr. A's happily handles all of the clean-up. When the party is over, you can take your family home knowing everything has been handled.

Mr. A's Basic Birthday Package

Planning your party includes many moving parts and can be stressful. Our job is to make your experience easier and more enjoyable, including helping you budget for the party.

Our Kids Birthday Party Package includes:

  • 15 kids

  • Pizza and bottled water for the guests

  • We do three awesome activities: a basic karate lesson, an awesome obstacle course, and one that is the birthday child's choice.

  • We also handle all set up and clean up.

Our basic birthday party package is just $245. Additional children can be added for just $12 per child.

Your Job

While we do most of the work to ensure an excellent birthday for your child, putting together a top-notch event requires teamwork. Here is what your part includes:

Guests and Invitation

You are responsible for the guest list and invitations. You know your child's friends and their families better than we do. Once all of the party details are set, remember to send out invitations as early as possible to allow your child's friends to plan ahead.

The Birthday Child

Obviously, we want you to bring the birthday child to the party. But use as important is what you can tell us about them before the event. To help us connect with your child and set up the event in a way that calls to their unique personality, we want to know as much about them as possible.

This includes things like their favorite color, the music they like to listen to, which activities or sports they are into, and which activity they would like for the third segment of the party.

The Birthday Cake

The birthday cake is a central element of the party. Since tastes, ingredient preferences, and decorations are so personal, we leave it up to you to provide the birthday cake your family will most enjoy. Feel free to be creative! Cupcakes or pies are neat alternatives, and we can still cut them with the sword.

Optional Party Favors

If there are party favors, goodie bags, or decorations you'd like to include, just let us know. You can drop them off the day before or bring them with you to the event.

Reserve Your Child's Birthday Party

A birthday party at Mr. A's Martial Arts in Havertown is just $245.00 plus any additional costs for extra pizza or children. We require a $45 deposit, and the remainder is paid after the party - we can host up to 25 kids. To reserve a date, click the button below.

Questions about the best birthday party for kids in Havertown? Give us a call, send us an email, or stop by any time!

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